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  • Ca Mau

    Ca Mau is the Southern-most province of Vietnam, having Ca Mau City as its capital. With a total area of 5331.7 km2, the province borders Kien Giang Province to the north, Bac Lieu Province to the northeast, the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest and East sea to the east and northeast. The coastline of Ca Mau, which has a total length of 307km, embraces three side of this southern province.

    Lying within the tropical climate region of Vietnam, Ca Mau has the typical seasonal winds and a hot yet humid weather. While rain concentrates especially in the period between May and August, there is a relatively small amount of rain on the other months. The annual average precipitation is 2500mm/ year and the annual average temperature is about 26oC – 27oC.

    The four biggest ethnic groups in Ca Mau are Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Khmer and Tay. Along with others groups, they form a total population of 1232 thousand people (2006). Each of these ethnic groups has its very distinctive traditions and customs which contribute to the overall wonderful culture of the province. Coming to Ca Mau means discovering a bountiful land full of natural wonders such as borderless forests, romantic seashores, etc. and human’s cultural heritage such as the floating markets or the like-no-other festivals. As a result, the tourism of Ca Mau has greatly developed recently. One of the most frequently-visitedis the Cape of Ca Mau, the most southern point of Vietnam and Indochina mainland. The Cape of Ca Mau is located in Dat Mui village, Ngoc Hien district, which is more than 100km away from Ca Mau City.

    Hon Khoai Island
    Only 14.6 km away to the southwest of Nam Can Town, the Hon Khoai Island is located in Ngoc Hien District of Ca Mau Province. This is a stone island on which the hills and the forest still remain untouched with many specious types of wood, animal, and plants, as well as a mesmerizing artless wilderness.

    The Cape of Ca Mau
    The Cape of Ca Mau belongs to Ngoc Hien District in Ca Mau Province. It locates only 118km away from the center of Ca Mau City. This is a unique spot of Vietnam Tourism not only because of its southern-most location, but also because of the fact that it is the only place in Vietnam where one can see the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

    The cape was discovered at the end of the 17th century. As it is the residential area of three ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Hoa, and Khmer, it is the place where many aspects of the three cultures interact and converge, reflecting in many unique traditions and customs.

    City Bird Garden
    The City Bird Garden is situated inside the Cultural Park, also known as Lam Vien May 19th Park, in Ca Mau City. Only 2km away to the West of the center of the city, this garden is the place where many precious types of bird reside and gather every year.

    The Cultural Park covers a total area of 18.2 ha including amusement parks, monuments, botanical gardens, stilt houses, Ho Chi Minh pond, etc. Besides, there are also many typically tropical species raised in this park such as crocodile, monkey, snake, lizard, python, etc. However, the bird garden is the most popular spot of the whole park. This is actually a 2-ha forest where thousands of birds, storks, etc. gather every afternoon. Recently, there are also other types of bird such as teal, swan, etc. choosing to reside and procreate in this area. For the last couples of years, the garden has been newly expanded to an area of 6ha circled by fences. At the moment, as a separate ecological site, the City Bird Garden has a harmonious beauty made of natural ponds, forests, flower bushes and the most valuable birds in Southeast Asia.